Ian Chisnall, Strategic business developer, independent adviser, blogger and newspaper columnist


I had the privilege of working with Joanna when I was Chair of the East Sussex Strategic Partnership and she was tasked with supporting the Partnership and its Chair. She was a real joy to work alongside, she has a great understanding of organisational and political structures and was able to think well outside of the conventional local government box. I would heartily recommend Joanna as someone who is loyal with a great intellect and incredibly hard working. She is also fun to work with.

David Welsh, Founder of Pure Performance


It has been a privilege working for such a dedicated and visionary leader like Joanna.  She has an amazing ability to build trust and loyalty amongst her teams at all levels. Joanna is able to tap into the talents and strengths of the people around her and enable people to realise their potential.  If you're undergoing a significant business transformation and you are in need of developing high performing teams to implement an improved operating model, I would highly recommend hiring Joanna.

David Wilson, Former Deputy Director Department or Business, Innovation & Skills


Working with Joanna was one of the highlights of my career.  She combines natural authority, clarity of purpose, focus on what matters and an ability to bring people with her. She immediately inspires trust and respect and retains them for life. 

Michael Corrigan, Founder & CEO of Prosper4


Joanna is kind and caring.  And it all starts from there...... she can see the human side of things: how systems impact people; how processes confuse people; and how to change things for the better.  She is very capable of running great teams, and her kindness and caring nature engender real commitment and collaboration.  She has all the tools of KPIs, strategy, transformation, etc, but all these are grounded and founded on care and kindness.....And she smiles a lot.

Ren Kapur MBE, Founder & CEO at X-Forces; Supporter of Enterprise in the Armed Forces Community


I worked with Joanna Hill when she was Head of Department at the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, so she has known X-Forces since inception. As CEO of Start Up Loans Company, we continued to work closely around delivery of their programme for our XF businesses. Joanna is a very inspiring leader who promotes ideas with passion and enthusiasm. Thank you Joanna, we are delighted to work with you and look forward to a continued great partnership.

Richard Myers, Commercial Director, Transmit Start-Ups


From the very first time we met Joanna we knew she would make an excellent CEO at the Start Up Loans Company, and we were right! Her combination of emotional intelligence, straight talking approach and ability to cut through the (business or political) crap, makes for a great leader - she was always incredibly supportive of Transmit Start-Ups. 

Joel Blake OBE, Founder & MD, Cultiv8 Solutions


Joanna is a truly passionate leader, with a great sense of purpose combined with strategic focus and a clear focus on delivery. She is asset for any organisation and always adds value.

Emma Jones, Founder, Enterprise Nation


I first came across Joanna when she was an enterprising civil servant at the Business Department, and then watched her skilfully run the operations of StartUp Loans. This is a lady that understands small business and has played a key role in building the conditions in the UK for enterprise to flourish. 

Duncan Parker, CEO Fredericks Foundation


I love meeting with Joanna. I always feel that it's been a productive use of time. It's rare that someone is so generous with introductions and advice and so on point with what is needed in the moment. Of note, Joanna ALWAYS delivers - before I get back to my desk, the intro's have been made and I find myself indebted! Passionately committed to the sector and to being professional, Joanna is also not afraid to be honest with you. Joanna is a dream to work alongside.   

Alison Lewy, MBE, Founder Fashion Angel


As a delivery partner for the government Start Up Loans programme,  I worked with Joanna Hill whilst she was Chief Commercial Officer and then acting CEO of The Start Up Loans company. She proved herself to be a motivated, strong  & effective leader,  garnering respect from  her team and the delivery partners. She was always  supportive, has a strong sense of social justice and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with her again in the future. Alison Lewy MBE, Founder Fashion Angel.

Paul Breen, Director of Business Finance, Manchester Growth Company


I worked with Joanna for a number of years she has excellent communication skills, is acutely commercial and has proven her operationally effectiveness at UK market level. 

In addition, we have always found Joanna’s ability to operate strategically and help partners understand and navigate national policy, critical to the success of our development and that of our economic approach in this area.

Personally Joanna is driven and effective, and has shown clear national leadership in changing the economic landscape for disadvantaged small businesses and individuals. 

Gary Lennon, Business Development Director, Biz Britain


Working with Joanna is an inspiring experience, as she cuts through bureaucracy and delivers objectives by collaboration and mutual benefit. We spent 4 years developing our business with Joanna's support. We would not be where we are without Joanna's insight, involvement and willingness to support.

Furthermore, through Joanna's wider connections, and warm introductions at senior levels, we are venturing forward in a number of new strategically important relationships that will enhance our brand, improve bottom line value and enable us to achieve core growth goals more quickly and with less turbulence along the way.